Library collection that can be found in this website are Book, Journal, and Microfilm. Those collection is still in validating, counting, recording, and will be digitalize. That way the information about book, journal, and microfilm doesn't complete. Web visitor just can find the title, writer and call number and this will be update all the time.

For while as an overview, by Jan 2018 all of collection which can be found in the library are:

  1. Reference (Rare) Book 10.597 Copies.
  2. Literature Book 8.414 Copies
  3. Book in Progres for Clasification 5.182 Copies
  4. Journal 2.595 copie
  5. Microfilm 10 box
  6. Rare Album Foto 7 Album
  7. Rare Foto 497 Pieces
  8. Old Casset 1 Pieces
  9. New Casset 1 Pieces
  10. Regulation and Digital Content Compact Disc 12 Pieces


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