Pustaka Museum Nasional menyediakan platform Informasi yang dapat diakses secara daring. Informasi bersumber dari bahan bahan pustaka, dapat diakses dan digunakan oleh masyarakat. Pada laman ini terdapat menu E Catalog adalah halaman daftar buku yang tersedia secara fisik, E Picture adalah halaman yang mengandung foto kegiatan perpustakaan, lingkungan, tokoh dan arsitektur, serta masyarakat yang didokumentasikan pada masa Hindia Belanda, Cultural Heritage Document halaman yang berisi arsip penetapan Cagar Budaya di Museum, E Book adalah halaman yang mengandung buku elektronik yang dapat di unduh, E Journal halaman yang mengandung jurnal tahunan terbitan museum yang dapat di unduh, Encyclopedia adalah halaman yang mengandung saripati informasi sejarah dan koleksi museum yang dapat dijadikan rujukan. Bila Anda ada pertanyaan silahkan menghubungi dengan berkirim surat elektronik atau menekan tombol Telepon dan Whatsapp pada bagian bawah halaman.



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E Catalog

Contain a list book can be found physicaly in the Pustaka, Public Service Agency Museum National of Indonesia, Find Your Book Here

E Picture

Contain Public Service Agency National Museum Historical Gallery of digital photo which can be found in the library

Cultural Heritage Documents

Contain Public Service Agency National Museum collection documents that have been designated as cultural heritage

E Book

Contain Public Service Agency National Museum digital books, which is available free to download

Digital Journal

Contains Public Service Agency National Museum digital journals Archive which has been published twice a year before 2021.


Contains Public Service Agency National Museum information, collections and explanations, which are added time by time

Bibliothek Bataviaasch Genootschap

About Pustaka

In the book Short Guide to the Museum in Royal Batavia Society of Arts And Sciences 1948 by A. N. J. Th. à. Th. Van Der Hoop. In the introduce chapter about The Library say’s as the largest in the country, it’s contain an extensive collection of the book in the field’s of philology, ethnology, history, archaeology, literature, law and many any subject. From the beginning attempt have been made to collect everything printed in the Indian Archipelago regardless of the subject; the library possesses an exhaustive collection of complete series of papers and periodicals of all kinds. moreover the libraries of the combined faculties of law and letters have found a place in the library. The Library is a part of Bataviaasch Genootschap which is stand from 1778 to 1950, the collections which can be found in the library was donations from JACOBUS CORNELIS MATTHEUS RADERMACHER (1741 – 24 December 1783).

Later after the Independent of Indonesia, from 1962 The Library was organized by Lembaga Kebudayaan Indonesia in Museum Pusat Jakarta until 1979. In the 1980, The Library Organized by Museum Nasional Until 1986, then organization is devided with Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia. Until 1987 the original part of Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia still operating in Museum Nasional. From 1986 to 2017, Museum Nasional Library running for internal purposes only, some time serve a special request. Start in the end of 2017, tried to change the service become public service and digitize the service as a Public Sector Government. On March 2021 Museum has been transformed as a Public Service Agency in the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

Year Registered Not Registered
2017 2.000 0
2018 4.000 23222
2019 6.000 18.791
2020 8.029 17.114
2021 8.040 17.953
Year Acquisition Copies of Book
2017 2.000 2.000
2018 25.222 27.222
2019 1.569 28.791
2020 352 29.143
2021 850 29.993

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