About Us

Pustaka is Library in Museum National of Indonesia which is stand under the Registration dan Documentation Division.

Base on Regulation Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia No 37 Year 2016 About Museum Nasional Duty (37/2016) Articel 1 Point n are to carry out the management of the Museum Nasional library. This Duty are carry out by The Registration dan Documentation field in article 10 poin j 37/2016 and held by Library Section with the detail job and function in the articel 13 37/2016. The job and fuction of the Library Section are:

  1. carry out the preparation of the Section work program;  
  2. make plans for the needs and development of library collections; 
  3. procuring library collections; 
  4. manage library collections;
  5. developing library collections; 
  6. storing library collections;
  7. carry out maintenance and maintenance of library collections;
  8. doing library services; 
  9. collaborate in the field of library management; 
  10. evaluating library management;
  11. conduct storage and maintenance of Section documents; and 
  12. carry out the preparation of Section reports and Field report concepts