This is who has contributed in Pustaka Museum Nasional Indonesia, we very appreciated to what their achieved and done for the library ^_^.

Thanks to:

 Jung Yoo Jin and Jo Hye In
Which is come from Dong-A University, Busan, South Korea. Help to translate Korean book information content in their insternship on Januari 2018.






Rizky Fadria, Muhammad Rizky Safrihza, Rangga Cahya Gumilang, Najmi Muhammad Maulana, Fajar Andi Saputra, And Muhammad Firmansyah, Muhammad Setiawan, Erlangga Pratama W
Which is come from Indonesia Vocational School: Nusantara 1 and Media Informatika help to Inputing data, recommended website system, updating data on Januari to April 2018










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