Museum Nasional Library give an opportunity for you as volunteeris, field study, Internship (non payment), this opportunity present for you that has study in the library department, tourism and travel department, office department, cultural department field, which is come from vocational school or higher study in the university. in the purposes to share knowledge and give change to have job experience in other side we like to get and update a new idea which is develop in academic. So we invite you to take opportunity an join us Museum Nasional Indonesia Library. We offer a kind of job that is you can apply to, they are:

  1. library waiter
  2. library technical
  3. library material processing
  4. library analisist
  5. librarian 

You can send your application in 2 (two) way, by post or email. Please apply your application and Curiculume Vitae to:

by post

Museum Nasional Indonesia Pustaka
6 (Six) Floor
Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No.12 Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta. 10110
Phone Number : (021) 3447778

by email

museum.nasional@kemdikbud.go.id cc to perpustakaanmni@gmail.com / alfa.noranda@kemdikbud.go.id

Beside that we also offering a cooporation in library management, this kind of cooperation is one of the duty Museum Nasional Indonesia library section which is arranged in Regulation Ministry of Education and Cultural No 37 Year 2016 About Museum Nasional in the Articel 13 point i.  


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