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China?s history

Through its reform and opening to the outside world in 1978, China has worked an economic miracle and boosted its comprehensive strength, enhancing its standing in the international community. As more and more people around the world are eager to know and understand China, we have compiled the China Series, aiming to provide a shortcut for readers to get the basic facts about this country. The 12 titles in this series cover Chinas geography, history, politics, economy, culture, law, diplomacy, national defense, and society, as well as its science, technology and education; its environment; and its ethnic groups and religions. These writings will help readers acquire a basic knowledge of China. It is our hope that this series will enable readers to get a general idea about China: Chinese history, culture and civilization, which is the oldest continuous major civilization in the world; Chinas basic conditionsthe worlds largest developing country with a huge population, a country that is developing unevenly on a poor economic base; in light of these conditions, China is following its own path to sustainable development while learning from other civilizations; and Chinas futureled by the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese people are focusing their efforts on economic development and carrying on reform and opening-up; they are building a harmonious society in their own country and working for a harmonious world with lasting peace and common prosperity. We expect that through these books our readers will begin a new journey of discovery understanding China.



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Penerbit China Intercontinental Press : Beijing, China.,
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210 p.; 15,5 x 23 cm.
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