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BG was established to develop research in the fields of art, science especially in the fields of biology, physics, archeology, literature, ethnology and history. Written in Gedenkboek (1878) BG has the slogan "Ten Nutte van het Algemeen" (for the benefit of the general public). One of the founders of BG, namely Jacobus Cornelis Mattheus Radermacher (directur) which was extra ordinair van Nederlands-Indie . Cornelis allegedly donated a house belonging to him on Jalan Kalibesar, a trading area in the old city of Jakarta (oud Batavia) now Jakarta City. In addition, he also donated a number of collections of books and cultural objects, Cornelis's contribution was the source of material / objects at BG in the future. Cornelis arrived in Batavia on August 21, 1767, registered as an employee of the Court of Justice at the Chamber of Amsterdam in Batavia. Besides Cornelis, there were several individuals who were leaders who had a role in the founding of BG in 1778. Can be known from within Gedenkboek (1778) Figures other than Cornelis are Jacob de Meijer who work as "Interca Advocaat Fiscaal Pro", Josua van Inperen work as "Predictant", Johannes Hooijman works as a "Predictant", Sirardus Bartlo works as "Schepen", Willem van Hogendorp works as "Koopman", Hendrik Nicolaas Lacle as "Koopman", Jacobus van der Steeg works as "Practizijn", Egbert Blomhert works as a "Notary", Paulus Gevers works as "Koopman onder" each of them acts as "Dirigeender Lenden" / Director and Frederik Baron van Wurmb works as "Onder Koopman" acting as Secretary.